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What do you get when you cross a guitar with a firefly?

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Justin Clarke. Ahem, make that Justin ‘Firefly’ Clarke.

He is an incredibly talented and versatile guitar (among other instruments) player, a composer, songwriter and a music instructor. And (as you will hear in our discussion in this episode of Kiwi by Proxy) a part-time anthropologist! (I love that he referred to himself as such. It’s fitting. ūüôā )

Justin and I chatted a few weeks back and we discussed how he decided to become¬†a musician,¬†his diversity in his method and style and his online guitar lessons (sign up, they’re great! You won’t regret it!)

Along with our discussion you will hear some of Justin’s own music.¬†Featured¬†are a song he wrote for the Woolshed Sessions collaboration¬†and¬†two¬†stunning instrumental compositions – both with a jazz structure but one¬†having an Indian influence¬†and the other¬†with a¬†Grecian feel.

Be sure to check out Justin’s MySpace guitar lessons page here.

And his regular MySpace page here.

Email him for information on online guitar lessons at firefly guitar at gmail dot com (without the spaces and a . instead of the word dot of course.)

Oh and one more thing before we get to the podcast, I love being back. I¬†am a little rusty at both “interviewing” and writing out my blog but it’s still wonderful to be back at it folks! I tell ya, ¬†I have missed doing the podcast, I have missed hearing new music, I have missed talking to great folks about their work, and I have missed being “Kiwi by Proxy” (although at this stage I don’t think I can ever really stop being that!)

It’s great to be back and what a way to come back from a very long absence than with a phenominal musician such as Justin Clarke.

And now …

The Fireflycast


Download here.


New Podcast – Folkcast

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***To all who subscribe to this blog via feed or blog notification I apologize if you saw that there was a new post (which there was) but then it suddenly disappeared. I had to change this post to unpublished as I had to¬†troubleshoot an issue with the audio file (I had recorded it in a higher bit rate and¬†Wordpress wasn’t¬†detecting the file as a result).¬†I have it all sorted¬†now and this post is back in action. Sorry about the false start everyone.***

Amazingly enough in the flurry of all that has been going on in my life I still managed to discover some new (to me) Kiwi music. 

I received Woolshed Sessions a few weeks ago thanks my trusty co-host and most excellent friend, Ian Henderson. As a result I have been in a folky state of mind so I went on a treasure hunt for some really good New Zealand folk music.

I already had a few folks on¬†my MySpace friends list –¬†Tim Beals (and his sister Holly) aka Ashes of August, Shaun K. Anderson and Jess Chambers to name a few.¬†One of the great things about MySpace (yes there are great things about MySpace!) is that your friends have other friends, and they¬†have friends,¬† ad infinitum. So yes, I found other folk artists through the ones I¬†already had on my list. (Again¬†that great thing about MySpace.)

So I contacted a few folks on MySpace and asked if they would mind sending me a song or two for the podcast. They graciously provided me with songs and as a result they are featured on this podcast. I am very appreciative of their complying with my request (as you will be once you hear their lovely music).

As you listen in (either by streaming here or downloading from iTunes) have a look at their pages. I have linked to them below.

Oh also, an interesting side note, it just so happens that all of these artists are based in Wellington. It didn’t even occur to me until after I had put the playlist together. So yea, Welly seems to be the place to be for whatever you are hankerin’ for musically.

MySpace pages for all the artists featured in this podcast.

Without further ado I give you the KbP folkcast.




Due to bandwidth limits I can only offer the free download via this blog for one week. However all archived podcasts are available at iTunes and are of course free. 

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download


Chole LangleyFly Straight
Shaun K. AndersonThe Stand Sure Oak
Jess Chambers and the Firefly OrchestraIsland
Matthew HollemanGreat Foundation
Age Pryor (featuring Tessa Rain)King of You All
Ashes of AugustTruth You Know
Shaun K. AndersonThe Overcomer
Chloe LangleyWork of Faith
Jess Chambers and the Firefly OrchestraSoldiers
The Phoenix FoundationWildlife
Ashes of AugustTo Be With You
Woolshed SessionsAcceptance

New Podcast: Interview with Age Pryor – Shanks’ Pony, Wellington Ukulele Orchestra and Woolshed Sessions

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Well after being away for weeks and weeks, I came back with three new podcasts two short weeks ago. Just when I thought it would be a bit before I got to a new one I managed to catch up with Age Pryor and we had a great chat.

We discussed his solo work, collaborative efforts with Fly My Pretties, Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and his most recent work with Woolshed Sessions.

Age is such an incredible musician and well he is just an all around great guy. I am a bigger fan now more than ever.

eattin-breakfastYou can find out more about Age Pryor by visiting his MySpace page. Also while¬†hanging about on MySpace check out the Woolshed Sessions’ page (take a look at the pic folder too… wonderful shots of the beautiful New Zealand countryside and equally beautiful New Zealand musicians.)

Also featured in this podcast are songs from Age’s solo albums Shanks’ Pony and City Chorus, and his newest song from the collaborative work Woolshed Sessions – Waterfall (a truly breathtaking piece of music with¬†haunting lyrics. I can’t describe the feeling¬†I get from hearing it. Amazing.)

Purchase Shanks’ Pony here, City Chorus here and Woolshed Sessions here. Also check out the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra’s web site here.

Age Pryor Podcast



or Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download


Shanks’ Pony¬†– Album:¬†Shanks’ Pony
Shouldn’t I Know¬†– Album: Shanks’ Pony
Best for You РAlbum: City Chorus
Waterfall – Album: Woolshed Sessions