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What do you get when you cross a guitar with a firefly?

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Justin Clarke. Ahem, make that Justin ‘Firefly’ Clarke.

He is an incredibly talented and versatile guitar (among other instruments) player, a composer, songwriter and a music instructor. And (as you will hear in our discussion in this episode of Kiwi by Proxy) a part-time anthropologist! (I love that he referred to himself as such. It’s fitting. ūüôā )

Justin and I chatted a few weeks back and we discussed how he decided to become¬†a musician,¬†his diversity in his method and style and his online guitar lessons (sign up, they’re great! You won’t regret it!)

Along with our discussion you will hear some of Justin’s own music.¬†Featured¬†are a song he wrote for the Woolshed Sessions collaboration¬†and¬†two¬†stunning instrumental compositions – both with a jazz structure but one¬†having an Indian influence¬†and the other¬†with a¬†Grecian feel.

Be sure to check out Justin’s MySpace guitar lessons page here.

And his regular MySpace page here.

Email him for information on online guitar lessons at firefly guitar at gmail dot com (without the spaces and a . instead of the word dot of course.)

Oh and one more thing before we get to the podcast, I love being back. I¬†am a little rusty at both “interviewing” and writing out my blog but it’s still wonderful to be back at it folks! I tell ya, ¬†I have missed doing the podcast, I have missed hearing new music, I have missed talking to great folks about their work, and I have missed being “Kiwi by Proxy” (although at this stage I don’t think I can ever really stop being that!)

It’s great to be back and what a way to come back from a very long absence than with a phenominal musician such as Justin Clarke.

And now …

The Fireflycast


Download here.


Latest KbP – Um futuristic, quirky cast? Ok sure ….

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…why not?

I threw together a little podcast today filled with some lovely, quirky, yet elegant tunes from some pretty darn good Kiwi artists (they are always pretty darn good though, eh?)

Don’t forget you can download it via ITunes now. Woot Woot… I am still stoked about that.

Hope you enjoy these lovely tunes! I sure do!


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Flight of the Conchords Bowie
Bachorlerette – Intergalactic Solitude
Lawrence Arabia – Half the Right Size
Cloudboy – Red Rubicon
Dimmer – All the Way to Her
Bachorlerette – My Electric Husband
SkallanderFollow Me
Tokey TonesThe Beach
The Phoenix FoundationSea World
Flight of the ConchordsRobots

Go here to shop for all the groovy music heard in this podcast.

Samuel Flynn Scott – Bunnies on Ponies and The Phoenix Foundation

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I spoke with one Samuel Flynn Scott a few nights ago and discussed his work with Phoenix Foundation and Bunnies on Ponies. We had such a great chat (and a lengthy one) that I have three (yes three!) podcasts worth of material.

Well I¬†can’t pace myself and leave a little to the imagination. Oh no. I am just going to let it all hang out and give you all of the podcasts at once.

The first podcast is a Bunnycast … with Samuel discussing Straight Answer Machine his most recent effort with Bunnies on Ponies. Also featured¬†are some of my personal favorites from the album.¬†

The next two are part of a double session of a Phoenixcast. The first part features the interview with Samuel and  the songs discussed during the interview. The second part is just my being self-indulgent playing many of my favorite songs by The Phoenix Foundation.

I hope you enjoy them! I know I certainly enjoyed everything that went into these podcasts. Especially the part about speaking with one of my all-time favorite musicians.

1. Bunnies and ponies and Samuel, oh my!

Pimpin\' it Kiwi style
Pimpin’ it Kiwi style



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Tracklisting (all songs from Straight Answer Machine by Bunnies on Ponies)

Sodium Ions 
Black Mark
Ravers on Probation

2. Samuel talks about the history of the band, the recording process, touring, and hey even politics and religion!
Excellent posture brings forth excellent music

Excellent posture brings forth excellent music.



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Bright Grey – from Happy Ending
The Drinker – from Horsepower
This Charming Van – from Horsepower
Slightest Shift in the Weather – from Pegasus

3. Shameless self-indulgence of imposing my own tastes on everyone! But well, I LOVE this band!

Squid Song Trilogy


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Sister Risk – from Horsepower
Going Fishing – from Horsepower
All in an Afternoon – from Pegasus
Cars of Eden – from Pegasus
Nest Egg – from Pegasus
Irrelevant Noise – from Happy Ending
A Day in the Sun – from Happy Ending
40 Years – from Happy Ending

And of course intro and outro music provided with permission by David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott of The Clean. Song title Stars. 

Latest Episode KbP – Mello Wello Cast

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This episode features some very mellow music from the world’s southernmost national capital…Wellington NZ. Rebel Peasant offers up two songs from their upcoming EP “Last Dance is Saved for the Sea”. Not out until October 2008 it is something I am looking forward to with great anticipation. Visit their MySpace page for more songs from the EP.

Spartacus R offers up Sunset to Sunrise. This song was featured as the summer theme song for Radio New Zealand a few years back. Stunning work from all six members on this song. Having said that I am especially keen on Ben James’ clarinet playing. As a former clarinet player myself I have a bit of a soft spot for that instrument and those who play it. The vocals are mighty fine as well. I can’t sing though so I have a soft spot for singers but evny them at the same time. ūüėČ

Also you will hear some funk/R&B/jazz from the organ trio Twinset (Booker T & The MGs are alive and well). Flight of the Conchords fans will recognize the voice of Video Kid in his song Dawnskate¬†–¬†88 as it is Bret McKenzie (the “weedy shy guy” of FotC).¬†Module and Rhombus also lend themselves to the mellow theme of this podcast with two very laid back tracks.

Be warned, any activity that requires any sort of physical exurtion is not recommended while listening to this podcast. This is meant for kicking back on the porch on a summer night, driving ’round town with the windows down and the breeze blowing in, or vegging out on the couch after a very long day.

Hope you enjoy it.





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Track Listing

Rebeal Peasant – Eraque
Spartacus R – Sunset to Sunrise
Twinset – Flavour Country
Video Kid – Dawnskate – 88
Rhombus – Sweetness
Twinset – Sweet Thing (Featuring Dallas)
Module – Twilight Stolen (Featuring Jessica Chambers)
Rebel Peasant – Little Swan

For a list of retailers where you can purchase the music heard in this podcast go here.