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Latest episode of Kiwi by Proxy – South Pacific funk afro-beat and ethio-soul….

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… all brought to you by Lucien Johnson and his band of merry funky men.

Lucien Johnson is a multi-instrumentalists and composer based out of  Wellington, NZ. Featured in this podcast are a discussion with Lucien about his work and music from a group I am quite excited about the Shogun Orchestra.

Unfortunately the album isn’t ready for release. But when it is I will definitely let you know.

You can keep up with Lucien by way of his site here and at his page on Myspace here for the Shogun Orchestra (which by the way features the Dan Yeabsely, Chris Yeabsley, Justin Clarke, Mike Fab, Toby Laing, Joe Lindsay, Tim Jaray, Adan Tijerina, and Paul Hoskins and of course Lucien Johnson).

Get ready to hear elements of George Clinton, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke,  Santana (dare I say?) and even the Skatalites with a distinctively Kiwi accent. 

The Shoguncast



Download here


Maman M’voye Peze Cafe


Latest Kiwi by Proxy – I Am Spartacus….R

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Howdy all.

I recently had the great fortune of speaking with Ryan Prebble. Ryan is among other things a member of Spartacus R (and a member of one of the most musical families in all of New Zealand…The Prebbles.)6covers

Spartacus R has a new album out (well it came out in January and I am now just getting around to talking about it.)

The album is When the Fever Takes Hold and it is superb. Eight tracks of pure sonic bliss with six (yes that’s right, count ’em six) album covers. (Very cleverly done… you can insert each print into a clear cover and change it out according to your taste.)

This podcast will feature a few tunes off that album. Alongside the Spartacus tunes you will hear music from Ginger Brown, Little Bushman and Good Laika.

This is a groovy little number of Kiwi by Proxy as this music is reminiscent of late 60s early 70s pyschedelia/blues/rock. Solid stuff!

Also in between tunes you will hear Ryan discussing the music making process behind their new album and a little bit about his solo work.

So here we go… I Am Spartacuscast….



Download here


Ginger BrownThe Weekend
Spartacus RWhen the Fever Takes Hold
Little BushmanNature of Man
Good LaikaFires (Keep Burning)
Spartacus RSynthia
Spartacus RLast Trace of the Golden Glow
Spartacus RWhite Zarconia (The Heist)

New podcast – Funky Dubby Rasta cast…

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Howdy do all.

I finally have a new podcast up. Sorry about not getting one up for Decemeber but as you will find if you listen in, I was pretty much flat out all last month! I still am actually but dag gummit, I needed to get a podcast together so I did!

And just a quick FYI, I have it available for download here and it should be ready on iTunes in a week or so once the bandwidth resets at my server (stupid bandwidth limits … ugh!!!)

OK so this time around we are goin’ funky, dubby (kinda..) and rastahy(kinda).

Thanks to Sarah Hunter I discovered a few new artists last month. Sarah works with a lot of the funk/dub/reggae bands in Wellington and she emailed me and asked if I had thought about doing a podcast focusing on that aspect of the Wellington music scene. Yes I had thought about it but just never had a chance to really look into all that was going on there funk/dub wise…

Well again thanks to Sarah I found a few artists that really blew me away. I think y’all will be equally impressed with the artists too!

Check out their MySpace pages if you get a chance. I have linked to them below.

The Black Seeds
Eru Dangerspiel (Riki Gooch of Trinity Roots)
Fat Freddy’s Drop
Pacific Heights (Devin Abrams aka Reno of Shapeshifter)
Rio Hunuki – Hemopo (also of Trinity Roots)
Video Kid (no MySpace page – well except for the Flight of the Conchords’ page as Video Kid is Bret McKenzie)
Mara TK

***Ironically, as dub is in the title of this podcast I really didn’t include any dub because true dub has no lyrics… and the song in this podcast that has no lyrics isn’t really dub! Just had to qualify as it bugs me when certain songs are classified as dub, when in fact they are not…

And here we go….




Download here (right click and save to your computer)

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Give it about a week for my bandwidth to reset and then you can grab it at iTunes)

The Black Seeds – Cool Me Down
Eru Dangerspeil – Hikoi Teaki
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Pull the Catch
Rhombus (featuring MC Mana) – Losing it ADD
Pacific Heights – The Show is Over
Fat Freddie’s Drop – The Camel
Rio Hunuki – Hemopo – Wahinetoa
Video Kid – CCTV
Pacific Heights – Make it Easier
Mara TK – Gimme That Kinda
Eru Dangerspiel – Hold Up
The Black Seeds – Bad Apple