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By crackie Kiwi by Proxy has more bandwidth!

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I feel like dancin', dancin', dancin, yeaaah

I feel like dancin', dancin', dancin, yeaaah

Well folks that’s right you heard it, Kiwi by Proxy is no longer “out of friggin’ bandwidth”!!

Thanks to an investor (;)) I now have a great deal more bandwidth for the podcast hence more people will now be able to hear it.


You can now access it more regularly on iTunes as a result. 

Happy listening (on your iPod!)

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July 7, 2009 at 12:59 pm

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Why Kiwi by Proxy …. revisited

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kbpgraphicWell, I have been doing the podcasts for a little more than a year now and it would seem it has “taken off”. The podcast has gone from being played on my MySpace page to being on an official blog to being the top podcast on iTunes under the search term Kiwi music. In December of 2008 it began airing fortnightly on a radio station in Christchurch (thanks Ben you are one of a kind). More recently I was even interviewed for a community radio station in Wellington. Subsequently, surreal is a word that I have been making heavy use of the past few days.

I will tell you I feel strange about all of it. I mean I am used to working behind the scenes (in my day job) and letting my boss get the spotlight and believe me that is something with which I am most comfortable.

When I initially had the idea for the podcast it simply involved me recording and mixing the interviews that other people were to do. I never wanted to be the one that did the interviewing or even the “DJ-ing”. I just wanted to get the music out somehow and thought the podcast would serve that purpose in a small way. I was hoping others would do that “public” part.

Well that wasn’t meant to be and now, well I mean that’s ok. My taking the DIY approach has led to opportunities in meeting some incredibly kind, generous, and humble people and better still talking music with them.

In talking with these people it has given me insight into how they go about making their music (something that completely fascinates me because it perplexes me how people take something they hear in their head or in their heart and translate it aurally.) But along with gaining a better understanding of the music making process I think I have figured out what makes it so good. It’s to do with those incredibly kind, generous and humble people. They got soul.

The last interview (well chat session) I did was with Dan Yeabsley. We were discussing this particular point after the official interview had ended. Dan wondered what exactly it is about New Zealand music that has a certain effect on folks – is it the technical aspect of things or is the feeling?  After further contemplation on this I think have to say it is both.

All the folks I have spoken with are well trained musicians. They know how to play. They know what notes go where and why. They know music. But they also have a passion for it. Again, they got soul.

In my line of work we stress the importance of not separating the heart from the mind in matters of faith. The heart will not accept what the mind rejects, nor should it. This basic truth has carried over into my understanding and love of music (and in the immediate context, New Zealand music).

I love watching a musician play strange and difficult chord progressions, I love hearing the subtleties of a certain instrument on a studio recording, I love all the technical stuff but I also love the feeling the music stirs deep within me. I love that not only can I think about the music but that I can feel it as well.

New Zealand music provokes both thought and feeling unlike any other “scene” that has come and gone in the past few decades. That is why I am so passionate about it and that is why I seek to do my little part in getting the word out to anyone willing to listen.

I thank everyone who is supporting this effort – be it by subscribing to the blog, the iTunes download, the newsletter, or even those who stumble across the blog and take time to download the podcasts here.  It is encouraging to know we are of like minds on this.

Of course we should all thank the wonderful musicians who are making this great music. I thank them for being true to their craft and being true to both their hearts and minds. I thank them for being humble as well. That is a hard thing to find in folks especially in musicians, and especially in musicians of a particular caliber (such as those found in New Zealand).

Keep doing what you do and I for one will keep supporting it in the best way I can.

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June 3, 2009 at 11:58 am

Dan the Man with the Twinset plan … Episode 19

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Well folks this is the final podcast for NZ Music Month. We have heard so many great artists this month and that doesn’t even begin to really get into all that is going on down in Kiwiland. Too much music, too little time.

So the final NZ Music Month podcast is devoted to the smooth and cool sounds of Twinset. I have wanted to do a Twinset podcast ever since I started doing Kiwi by Proxy because next to The Phoenix Foundation, Twinset are my favorite Kiwi band/group. From the moment I first saw the video of “Just the Way You Are” on their MySpace page two years ago, I have been mesmerized by their sound. Their albums Flavour Country and Mystical Soul were part of my very first Slow Boat order. They have a few other albums that I hope to acquire soon and I hope they have more to come in the future (I didn’t even ask Dan about that though…ugh! It was late when we chatted and I think KbP regulars will be able to detect a difference in my approach this time around oh and my voice… its lower than usual! Yikes!)

At any rate I really enjoyed chatting with Dan Yeabsley and I am confident you will enjoying hearing his insight into the music making process of Twinset as well as the comings and goings in the Wellington Jazz Scene.

Featured alongside the interview with Dan are some of my personal favorite Twinset tunes (although if it were up to me I would just simply put the entire albums on as a playlist! But then no one would go buy them … (oh and yes go buy them here …)

Have a look at the Twinset home page as you listen in.

And now we shall get into the podcast.

Here we go daddio…. Twinset.

Dan The Man (Twinsetcast) 



Download here

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)


Mystical Soul ( From Mystical Soul)
Tocky Locky (From Mystical Soul)
Just the Way You Are (From Flavour Country)
Flavour Country (From Flavour Country)
Sweet Thing feat. Dallas Tamara (From Mystical Soul)
Sunny feat. Barnaby Weir (From Mystical Soul)

Deep inside the Kiwi by Proxy studio…

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The other night as I was trying to keep awake waiting to do the interview with Dan (see next post) I was sitting at my desk fiddlin’ with Skype.

I took some pictures with my webcam and thought hmmm this will give folks some insight into the podcast making process.

Here you go folks … some really hard hitting photojournalism.

The mic is coming after me.

The mic is coming after me.

mic getting closer

Its getting closer...

bussa cap

Ha! I win.

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May 30, 2009 at 10:18 am

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Ambien…. ahem not really? Hard to describe new podcast

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Howdy all,

The fourth in the series of five podcasts for NZ Music Month has been completed.

This time around we are going with dreamy, guitar, ethereal, almost ambient(esque) music. I snuck in a twinkly keyboards tune as well. Also a Bats song and Dear Time’s Waste tune are nestled in.

Have a look at the artists’ MySpace pages as you listen in.

Dream, dream, dream, all I have to do is dream, dream dream…




Download hereSubscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)


Track Listing

Enright HouseScattering the Sun Like Gunshot
Sora ShimaCalor Humano
Dear Time’s WasteClandestine
Jakob – Faye
Conrad WeddeAboo
The BatsBroken Path
An Emerald CityQing Song
Roy MontgomeryDawn Fades Over Ocean

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May 25, 2009 at 10:34 am

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Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (or as I love to call them….)

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…the Welly Ukes! 09tour

That’s right folks, it was high time I did a podcast on this lovely bunch.

Last week I had the great fortune of meeting up with three members of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra via Skype.

Megan Hosking, Dan Yeasbley and Sam Auger discussed how the group started, how they go about chosing the songs they perform, how to play the dreaded E Chord, their possible upcoming tour of the US and many other delightful little tidbits of ukulele goodness.

Also featured in this podcast are two mighty fine songs and a special surprise song snuck in at the end. Not gonna tell ya what it is, ya have to listen to the whole thing to find out. 😀

Be sure to friend them on MySpace here at thier page and don’t forget to check out their main website where you can purchase their EPs and tee shirts!!

So I will not keep you in suspense any longer…

I give you the wonderful Wellingtonians known as the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra…

Welly Ukescast



Download here

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)


It’s A Heartache
Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love to Town)
**Special surprise performance

Mixed Disc Cast – Second of Five podcasts for NZ Music Month

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Howdy all!

This is the second in a series of five podcasts I am doing for NZ Music month.

This time around I have decided to do a bit of a mixed disc (the first half has sort of a country feel while the second half has that indie-pop thing going on).

Lovely artists lovely tunes lovely way to celebrate NZ Music Month.

Have a look at the artists’ MySpace pages as you listen in.

And here we go…

Mixed Disc Cast



Download here

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)

Track listing

Rosy Tin Tea CaddyChestnut
Mel ParsonsDarlin’ Darlin’
The Bats – Castle Lights
Raggamuffin Children –
A Fine Storm
Robo Distaste – Darth Vader Disco
The Puddle – Naked
David Kilgour (featuring the poetry of Sam Hunt) – Chord
Luke Buda – Blue Summer