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Latest Episode of Kiwi by Proxy – Will Ricketts is up to being brilliant again

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Will Ricketts has a new album out. It came out a few months back actually and I spoke with him back when the world cup was on and it has taken me this long to actually put the podcast together. Yikes! Well I have been full on with work (which incidentally I love my job but I digress…)

As mentioned Will Ricketts new album came out a few months ago. He collaborated with Mike Fabulous (of Black Seeds fame) and the end result is Fabulous Meets Ricketts at Maitland Rd. It is something to behold – can you behold something aurally? If you can’t then you should and you definitely should behold this album.

It. Is. Fabulous.

The album features a horde of Wellington musicians so you go into it knowing you can expect it to have a very well polished sound. By well polished I mean well played, well put together not shiny and bright. In fact one of the things I love about this album is that it is stripped down a bit. There is a heavy reggae influence but more of the earlier rock-steady, rustic sounds from the late 50’s early ’60s. Ironic because so many of the artists on this album are from bands having that larger than life “Wellington [reggae] Sound”.

So have a listen to a few of the sweet tunes from the album and listen in as Will and I talk about the album. Well, we kinda talked about the album, ha! We actually chatted more about other things (shock!) than we did about the album. As always though it was enjoyable speaking with Will. What a nice fella and wow what a composer and musician he is. Tremendous.

Oh and check out the Amplifier site to purchase the album here.

Now onto to the podcast …

Fabulous Rickettscast


Download here

Track listing
(All songs taken from Ricketts Meets Fabulous at Maitland Rd.)

Loo Loo


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September 3, 2010 at 10:01 pm

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Latest Episode of Kiwi by Proxy – Soul Sistah Lisa Tomlins

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The lovely and talented Lisa Tomlins took time to chat with me a few weeks back.  She is in the process of working on her first solo album. Considering the amazing work she has done in the role of a supporting singer, it is high time she puts out an album all on her own.

She has one the strongest and most soulful voices I have heard in a long time ever. I think you will agree when you hear the songs featured on this podcast. Something else you will notice is her versatility. It would seem she can adapt from genre to genre and yet maintain those unique qualities that make her such a powerful and soulful singer.

Check Lisa out on her MySpace page here and her Facebook Fan page here.

Also of note, this time around I have a “sidekick”. My best good friend Malinda sat in on the chat and I look forward to more of that in the future.

So here ya have it … three crazy ladies yakkin’ about music, work, and cake … oh and some amazing tunes from one Ms. Lisa Tomlins.

Lisa Tomlins


Download here


Angels – Fly My Pretties feat. Lisa Tomlins
Old Gold – Fly My Pretties feat. Lisa Tomlins
Spinnin’ Out – Recloose feat. Lisa Tomlins

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August 5, 2010 at 10:53 pm

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Latest episode of Kiwi by Proxy – South Pacific funk afro-beat and ethio-soul….

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… all brought to you by Lucien Johnson and his band of merry funky men.

Lucien Johnson is a multi-instrumentalists and composer based out of  Wellington, NZ. Featured in this podcast are a discussion with Lucien about his work and music from a group I am quite excited about the Shogun Orchestra.

Unfortunately the album isn’t ready for release. But when it is I will definitely let you know.

You can keep up with Lucien by way of his site here and at his page on Myspace here for the Shogun Orchestra (which by the way features the Dan Yeabsely, Chris Yeabsley, Justin Clarke, Mike Fab, Toby Laing, Joe Lindsay, Tim Jaray, Adan Tijerina, and Paul Hoskins and of course Lucien Johnson).

Get ready to hear elements of George Clinton, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke,  Santana (dare I say?) and even the Skatalites with a distinctively Kiwi accent. 

The Shoguncast



Download here


Maman M’voye Peze Cafe

Way back in the wild wild west lived….

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The buffalo. 

Now, in the 21st Century, buffalo dwell upon the ocean floor and feed upon plankton. It’s true, you can find it on Wikipedia!

OK so not really, but if are you looking for sea dwelling, plankton eatting,  buffalo you can find them on the latest (and brilliant) album by The Phoenix Foundation. The album is called, naturally, Buffalo and it hits store shelves (both above and below sea level) on April 26th, 2010. Oh and check out the new re-vamped Phoenix Foundation website here.

Samuel Flynn Scott, member and songwriter of The Phoenix Foundation, spoke with me via Skype a few days ago. We discussed the baby he and his wife are expecting, the new album, the changes the band have undergone, and buffalo and Great Plains, and Wikipedia, and well a few other enjoyable tangents.

The new album is fantastic and really demonstrates the individual strenghts of the band members.

I feature two songs from the album, alongside the chat with Samuel.

So giddy up pardner and have a listen (do buffalo riders really giddy up? Hmmm ….)

Either way enjoy the podcast!


Click here to purchase the album


Download here

(All songs taken from The Phoenix Foundation’s “Buffalo”)

Track 2 Buffalo
Track 4 Pot

P.S. During the chat we discussed E.M.I. … of course with me being a moron I kept thinking of REM

REM were on IRS not EMI…

Yes folks … I completely flubbed that.

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April 21, 2010 at 6:03 pm

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What do you get when you cross a guitar with a firefly?

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Justin Clarke. Ahem, make that Justin ‘Firefly’ Clarke.

He is an incredibly talented and versatile guitar (among other instruments) player, a composer, songwriter and a music instructor. And (as you will hear in our discussion in this episode of Kiwi by Proxy) a part-time anthropologist! (I love that he referred to himself as such. It’s fitting. 🙂 )

Justin and I chatted a few weeks back and we discussed how he decided to become a musician, his diversity in his method and style and his online guitar lessons (sign up, they’re great! You won’t regret it!)

Along with our discussion you will hear some of Justin’s own music. Featured are a song he wrote for the Woolshed Sessions collaboration and two stunning instrumental compositions – both with a jazz structure but one having an Indian influence and the other with a Grecian feel.

Be sure to check out Justin’s MySpace guitar lessons page here.

And his regular MySpace page here.

Email him for information on online guitar lessons at firefly guitar at gmail dot com (without the spaces and a . instead of the word dot of course.)

Oh and one more thing before we get to the podcast, I love being back. I am a little rusty at both “interviewing” and writing out my blog but it’s still wonderful to be back at it folks! I tell ya,  I have missed doing the podcast, I have missed hearing new music, I have missed talking to great folks about their work, and I have missed being “Kiwi by Proxy” (although at this stage I don’t think I can ever really stop being that!)

It’s great to be back and what a way to come back from a very long absence than with a phenominal musician such as Justin Clarke.

And now …

The Fireflycast


Download here.

Latest Kiwi by Proxy – lo and behold its a Phoenix man

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Yes I know its truly astonishing that I am doing a podcast featuring a member of The Phoenix Foundation! har har har….

Richie Singleton, the drummer from my favorite band, has a solo album out now! It is called The Walls of the Well and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a mighty fine piece of muscianship and songwriting.


Listen in as Richie discusses this new album of his.

Visit the Rebel Peasant page here.

Friend Richie on MySpace here .

Buy his album here at Amplifier, here at Smoke CDs or email Jeremy at Slow Boat Records and tell him ” I want to buy this groovy album please”.

And now it is time to take in the beauty and mystery of  The Walls of the Well and the person behind it – Richie Singleton….




Download here (right click and save as)

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download


* All tracks from The Walls of the Well

For Control of the Mill
Inundare and the Moon
The Walls of the Well

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August 9, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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New KbP podcast – Pitch Black and other NZ dub greats

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Howdy all,

Well I am back!

Since May I have moved house and moved into a new office in Edmond Oklahoma. I still can’t believe I live in Oklahoma! Ya know though this is a really great place? The folks here are very laid back and really humble. Much like what I think New Zealand would be like. Anyway enough about me… let’s get to the music.

I recently caught up with Mike Hodgson, one-half of the New Zealand duo Pitch Black. Mike discussed his music, and their upcoming tour. They will be in the States in two weeks! I will list the tour dates below so if they are in your town do try to go out to see them to support what they are doing.

They are by the way fantastic. I am quite picky about my dub and electronica and the tunes featured in the podcast are, I feel, exceptionally good. Featured alongside some great Pitch Black tunes are songs from Sola Rosa and Rhombus (who by the way are touring Australia this weekend, tour dates for that will be featured below as well.

As you listen in to this podcast do check out the artists sites. I have posted links to them below.

Pitch Black Tour Dates

  • Sat. 18th July – Wellington ~ Sandwiches
  • Sat. 1st August – Dragon’s Sphere Park, WA ~ Oracle Gathering
  • Thu. 6th August – Portland, WA ~ Roseland Theater 
  • Fri. 7th August – Seattle, WA ~ Neumos
  • Sat. 8th August – Nelson, BC ~ Shamballa Festival 

Rhombus Australian Tour Dates

  • Fri 17th July ~ Beach Road Hotel, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Sat 18th July ~ Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay New South Wales
  • Sun 19th July ~ The Soundlounge, Gold Coast, Queensland

Artists’ Websites

Pitch Black Website

Rhombus Website

Sola Rosa Website

So let’s get crackin’ here eh? Onward to the music….












Download here (right click and save as unless you are on a Mac then …well I don’t know ’cause I don’t use a Mac.)

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download

Track listing

Sola RosaDel Ray
Rhombus –  So Close (Optimus Grime Re-mix)
Pitch Black1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flower Re-mix)
Pitch BlackSpeech (The White Amplitude Mix by International Observer)
Pitch BlackLost in Translation
Pitch BlackThe 48 Skanks

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July 15, 2009 at 10:55 pm

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