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Dan the Man with the Twinset plan … Episode 19

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Well folks this is the final podcast for NZ Music Month. We have heard so many great artists this month and that doesn’t even begin to really get into all that is going on down in Kiwiland. Too much music, too little time.

So the final NZ Music Month podcast is devoted to the smooth and cool sounds of Twinset. I have wanted to do a Twinset podcast ever since I started doing Kiwi by Proxy because next to The Phoenix Foundation, Twinset are my favorite Kiwi band/group. From the moment I first saw the video of “Just the Way You Are” on their MySpace page two years ago, I have been mesmerized by their sound. Their albums Flavour Country and Mystical Soul were part of my very first Slow Boat order. They have a few other albums that I hope to acquire soon and I hope they have more to come in the future (I didn’t even ask Dan about that though…ugh! It was late when we chatted and I think KbP regulars will be able to detect a difference in my approach this time around oh and my voice… its lower than usual! Yikes!)

At any rate I really enjoyed chatting with Dan Yeabsley and I am confident you will enjoying hearing his insight into the music making process of Twinset as well as the comings and goings in the Wellington Jazz Scene.

Featured alongside the interview with Dan are some of my personal favorite Twinset tunes (although if it were up to me I would just simply put the entire albums on as a playlist! But then no one would go buy them … (oh and yes go buy them here …)

Have a look at the Twinset home page as you listen in.

And now we shall get into the podcast.

Here we go daddio…. Twinset.

Dan The Man (Twinsetcast) 



Download here

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)


Mystical Soul ( From Mystical Soul)
Tocky Locky (From Mystical Soul)
Just the Way You Are (From Flavour Country)
Flavour Country (From Flavour Country)
Sweet Thing feat. Dallas Tamara (From Mystical Soul)
Sunny feat. Barnaby Weir (From Mystical Soul)


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