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Mixed Disc Cast – Second of Five podcasts for NZ Music Month

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Howdy all!

This is the second in a series of five podcasts I am doing for NZ Music month.

This time around I have decided to do a bit of a mixed disc (the first half has sort of a country feel while the second half has that indie-pop thing going on).

Lovely artists lovely tunes lovely way to celebrate NZ Music Month.

Have a look at the artists’ MySpace pages as you listen in.

And here we go…

Mixed Disc Cast



Download here

Subscribe to KBP on iTunes for the free download (Due to popularity [a good thing] once folks download it at iTunes the bandwidth goes out for three weeks [bad thing]. If you encounter problems on iTunes for this reason simply download above.)

Track listing

Rosy Tin Tea CaddyChestnut
Mel ParsonsDarlin’ Darlin’
The Bats – Castle Lights
Raggamuffin Children –
A Fine Storm
Robo Distaste – Darth Vader Disco
The Puddle – Naked
David Kilgour (featuring the poetry of Sam Hunt) – Chord
Luke Buda – Blue Summer


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