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Howdy all,

Well it is New Zealand Music Month and I am stoked! I plan to do five podcasts this month to celebrate the excellence in Kiwi music. Seeing as how I usually do 1 podcast every 6 weeks or so, five in one month may prove daunting! We shall see how it goes…

Starting off the KbP marathon will be this podcast which features music from and an interview with Wild Bill Ricketts (Will Ricketts that is).

I caught up with Will last week and we discussed his new album John Dryden. You will find four tracks from this album featured in the podcast. These tracks represent a very broad spectrum of sound covered on this album. As most of you know, when you say broad and music together, you are talking my language. I spoke with Will about various influences of his and he stated that in fact he has very broad tastes which are made evident on this fine album.

It is a stunning display of skill in the art of songwriting and musicianship. It features the likes of Ricki Gooch, Rio Hemopo, Mara TK, Ben Fulton, Connan Mockasin, and Sam Lindsay among many other wonderful musicians.

Will Ricketts, as one of my friends and fellow Kiwi music lovers put it, “is not just the conga player from Phoenix Foundation, folks”.

I think you will agree.

Here we go with the WildBillCast…



Download here

All tracks taken from John Dryden unless otherwise indicated

Mangi Mangi
I Was You
New J
Siamese Dream
(from Pegasus)


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