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Whew…long title eh?

Well that is because this most recent podcast contains much much musical goodness.

My most excellent co-host and equally excellent friend Ian Henderson took time to chat with me about the new Puddle album “The Shakespeare Monkey” (on which he plays drums, keyboards, and melodica!).

This newest effort from The Puddle has been getting a lot of airplay on various indie-type radio stations across the planet (as well it should because it is truly a fantastic album!). It is being well-received by critics also but I am not one to listen to the critics as if I like something I like that. That is pretty much my approach to anything I listen to. I hear it, I like it, I subsequently own it. And once you hear the new Puddle tracks featured on this podcast, I suspect you will wish to own the entire album as well.

Peppered in between talks of the various tracks from The Shakespeare Monkey, you will find discussion about Fishrider Records and the artists featured on the label (Junk Shop Star and The Dark Beaks).

This podcast will not be available on iTunes for a few weeks (yes… still the issues with bandwidth…alas).

So you can download it here exclusively at the blog (down below)

Also take some time (that will be very well spent) to visit the various MySpace pages listed below.

The Puddle MySpace page
The Dark Beaks MySpace page
Junk Shop Star MySpace page
Fishrider Records MySpace page

And here we go … 




Download here


The Puddle – The Shakespeare Monky (from The Shakespeare Monkey)
The Puddle – Friends (from The Shakespeare Monkey)
The Puddle – As it Was (from The Shakespeare Monkey)
The Puddle – Trauma Bear (from The Shakespeare Monkey)
The Puddle Parasol (from The Shakespeare Monkey)
Junk Shop Star – Spacejunk (unreleased)
The Dark Beaks –  Spill Your Hear (from Spill Your Heart)


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