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By cracky, I’m out of bandwidth!

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Well it would seem that Kiwi by Proxy is getting more popular than I would have ever dreamed. It would appear that only 10 days or so after putting up my last podcast, I have run out of bandwidth!

I am very excited by this because it means more people are downloading the podcast or streaming it from my blog. That means more people are hearing the music! Wheeeeee!

I am looking in to how to upgrade the file server where I have all the podcasts (and the XML file) stored. Things are a bit tight right now though so I have to wait a bit to go for the upgrade.

For now, if you are streaming the podcast daily, I ask that you simply download them from iTunes (it is free). That would help in conserving the bandwidth.  If you download it you can listen to it anytime you wish (on your iPod, on WinAmp, Media Player, etc…).

If you don’t have iTunes, send me an email ( ) and I will reply with a link where you can download the podcast directly without going through iTunes.

This is a temporary fix. In time I will have more bandwidth. 

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen!



Written by Carrie

December 1, 2008 at 9:52 pm

Posted in downloads, streaming

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