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Flight of the Conchords win four awards at the NZMA

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F to da O to da T to da C

F to da O to da T to da C

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement (aka Flight of the Conchords) won 4 well deserved awards for their brilliant self-titled album. You must have a look here at their acceptance speeches.

Funny stuff! But then dats how dey roll, eh?

I am sad however, well devestated actually, that The Phoenix Foundation didn’t get their props (however they were in the same category as Flight of the Conchords for two of the awards so it would have been a bit difficult for both groups to win!). Lee Preeble did win two awards, one for Best Producer and another for Best Engineer for The Phoenix Foundation album Happy Ending, so it wasn’t a total loss. 🙂

For a full list of the winners in all the categories go here. (Thanks to Owen’s Valley’s very own Tomatohead for this bit of info).


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