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Samuel Flynn Scott – Bunnies on Ponies and The Phoenix Foundation

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I spoke with one Samuel Flynn Scott a few nights ago and discussed his work with Phoenix Foundation and Bunnies on Ponies. We had such a great chat (and a lengthy one) that I have three (yes three!) podcasts worth of material.

Well I can’t pace myself and leave a little to the imagination. Oh no. I am just going to let it all hang out and give you all of the podcasts at once.

The first podcast is a Bunnycast … with Samuel discussing Straight Answer Machine his most recent effort with Bunnies on Ponies. Also featured are some of my personal favorites from the album. 

The next two are part of a double session of a Phoenixcast. The first part features the interview with Samuel and  the songs discussed during the interview. The second part is just my being self-indulgent playing many of my favorite songs by The Phoenix Foundation.

I hope you enjoy them! I know I certainly enjoyed everything that went into these podcasts. Especially the part about speaking with one of my all-time favorite musicians.

1. Bunnies and ponies and Samuel, oh my!

Pimpin\' it Kiwi style
Pimpin’ it Kiwi style



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Tracklisting (all songs from Straight Answer Machine by Bunnies on Ponies)

Sodium Ions 
Black Mark
Ravers on Probation

2. Samuel talks about the history of the band, the recording process, touring, and hey even politics and religion!
Excellent posture brings forth excellent music

Excellent posture brings forth excellent music.



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Bright Grey – from Happy Ending
The Drinker – from Horsepower
This Charming Van – from Horsepower
Slightest Shift in the Weather – from Pegasus

3. Shameless self-indulgence of imposing my own tastes on everyone! But well, I LOVE this band!

Squid Song Trilogy


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Sister Risk – from Horsepower
Going Fishing – from Horsepower
All in an Afternoon – from Pegasus
Cars of Eden – from Pegasus
Nest Egg – from Pegasus
Irrelevant Noise – from Happy Ending
A Day in the Sun – from Happy Ending
40 Years – from Happy Ending

And of course intro and outro music provided with permission by David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott of The Clean. Song title Stars. 

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