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Track Listing

The Phoenix FoundationLet Me Die A Woman
Samuel Flynn Scott – War Over Water
Age Pryor – Summer
Ryan Prebble – Fruits
The Dark Beaks – Roll Along
The Puddle – I’ve Lost My Way In This World
The Bats – Flowers and Trees
The Nudie Suits – Sweetacres
Shaft – Can You Feel It (Parts I & II)
C.L. BOB – Voices

For a list of retailers where you can purchase the music heard in this podcast go here.


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  1. Sweet, I like a few of these artists.

    Maybe Jesse Rivest for a future episode? He might be Canadian but he lives and plays in Wellington. I found that his podcast is low-fi but has more recent songs. His last CD has just guitar and voice, but there’s some cool tunes.


    May 28, 2008 at 4:37 am

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